Not the best week to have a lot to do and not a lot to say, but GRod’s TV tour just doesn’t interest me, weirdly. It’s clearly designed to draw as much attention from the impeachment trial as possible (lending some credence to John Kass’s belief that he’s of sound mind), and judging from coverage, it’s working. I don’t exactly know what the goal is, but he’s pitting readers against television watchers and he clearly has the numbers.

Today is tapes ‘n tapes day vs. his 9-hour TV news blitz, so we’ll see who wins. My recommendation to the Illinois Senate is that they bring in actors to read from the affidavit–I’d love to hear Al Pacino yelling about being parachuted in–because they’re losing the sexiness battle.

Update: Right now they’re just reading the well-known bits from the affidavit. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that Fox News seems to have the most reliable stream in my experience and that of others on Twitter.

Update II: Rich Miller is very good at addressing the question WTF?!?, and today he asks media blitz WTF? I’d kicked around the idea that Blago was trying to influence the jury pool, but as Miller and Natasha Korecki point out,  that isn’t really how it works. Like I said, I think he’s just trying to distract people from the impeachment, but I have no idea why. I don’t know if he does, either.

It might be that he’s aware he’s totally screwed–he’s definitely going to get impeached, and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. He’s not going to get any help from the Senate or any other state politician, and he’s incredibly unpopular among the citizenry, so why not go national? It seems irrational, but when all the rational options are useless, it’s rational to be irrational. If that makes sense.

Anyway, if you’re a reporter and you want to talk to the gov, now’s a good time.

Update III: Blago keeps leaning on context, but Joseph Ryan of the Daily Herald thinks he may have done some damage to himself on Larry King Live, and it’s not admitting that he was a crappy law student.