The four Lebanese experimental musicians who were set to perform in Chicago this week as part of Tabadol ProjectMazen Kerbaj, Christine Sehnaoui, Raed Yassin, and Ziad El Ahmadie–decided to postpone their U.S. tour due to the rapid escalation of violence in Beirut and other cities in their homeland. Kerbaj has frequently joked (with characteristically black humor) that his biggest early influence as a trumpeter was the sound of bombs falling in Beirut, and he recently launched a blog as a way of dealing with the current mess. Aside from being one of the most arresting and radical trumpet improvisers these days, Kerbaj is also a terrific cartoonist, and his drawings give voice to his dark, brutally sardonic viewpoint. (His commentary is mostly written in Arabic and French, but the blog provides English translations.) Here’s a guy stuck between irate and irrational combatants: the grim, gnawing truth behind the absurdity is the only thing that kept me from laughing.