Ok. I admit. I love Marion Barry! He makes life and politics interesting and I must say, he is what he is! He is a womanizing, old school politician who knows how to get things done in DC. He is a great public servant and an imperfect human being in his personal life.

I have to admit I was a bit surprised by the number of people coming to the defense of DC council member Marion Barry in comments.

That reminds me of something I’d been meaning to post about for awhile. In the annals of alternative weekly journalism, there may be no investigative reportage more jaw-dropping than the Willamette Week story about Neal Goldschmidt, the deservedly well-regarded former Portland mayor, Oregon governor, and private power broker – from what little I know about Goldschmidt, he seems like a model of what to look for in a mayor – who turned out to be a child molester. It’s a page-turner.

It’s one of a handful of alt-weekly stories to win a Pulitzer; Forbes‘s Arik Hesseldahl wrote a good piece about how the Web allowed WW to beat the Oregonian to the “presses.”

The author, Nigel Jaquiss, is pretty interesting – he was a longtime bond trader who quit to do J-school and then work for an alt-weekly. He also broke the not-dissimilar Sam Adams scandal.