• These bottles of Rolle Bolle are almost as sweaty as I am.

New Belgium Brewing’s new summer seasonal, Rolle Bolle, has been around since April (and will continue shipping through September), but this past weekend was the first time it got hot enough for me to think, “You know, I could really use an unassertive, sessionable beer that doesn’t taste like somebody wrung it out of a stale hamburger bun.” I gave Rolle Bolle a shot, because it’s 5.2 percent alcohol and costs ten bucks a six-pack.

Rolle Bolle is named after a yard game of Belgian origin—a form of lawn bowling—that peaked in popularity in Chicago during the two decades after World War II. Delightfully, it rhymes not with “roll bowl” but with “roly-poly.”

“Brewed with monk fruit and soursop,” says the brewery, “this beer pours a brilliant blonde, with a fluffy, white head. Earthy and tropical tones carry the aroma and the taste follows accordingly. Rolle Bolle’s hint of tartness is backed with the citrus bite of Cascade and Centennial hops. Oats add some creaminess to the mouthfeel, and it finishes dry and clean.”