Avengers: Age of Ultron is on my mind today—partially because I just took in the joyless spectacle last night, partially because it’s especially indicative of the diminishing returns of superhero movies of the past few years. Like Ben Sachs, I’ve found the Marvel movies of late to be, well, lacking, but I inevitably wind up at the theater out of a sense of obligation: to participate in a cultural phenomenon that the younger me—the one who amassed a dresser drawer full of Marvel comics—could only imagine making it to the big screen. But as I slogged through Age of Ultron I cared less about the heroes onscreen rediscovering how to work together and wondered more about how much the studio executives behind the scenes managed to influence the film.

As far as recent releases involving big personalities goes I’m much more taken by “Feel the Wave,” a new summertime breeze of a hip-hop track from Sunny Woodz, who serves as Twista‘s assistant and road manager. Woodz doesn’t say much on the track, but he assembled an impressive team of locals to handle the mike duties for him: Hurt Everybody‘s Supa Bwe, MC Tree, Marvo, and, yes, Twista. Some of their names aren’t Avengers-size, but these rappers have the big personalities that can fill a movie screen. Hearing Tree’s gritty voice pop up atop bone-dry percussion immediately after Supa Bwe delivers the hook-filled, melting, multitracked vocals is perfectly fit for the summer, and Twista’s Quicksilver-paced rapping is, well, more fun than a certain superhero film. Take a listen to “Feel the Wave” below.

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