• Jon Wurster in the process of getting it completely wrong

WBEZ’s Justin Kaufmann is obviously a very clever person, since he came up with a smart way to cover this past weekend’s Pitchfork Music Festival without having to endure the heat, crowds, and Cut Copy performances that tormented those of us who had to actually be there. He hired Superchunk drummer and comedy instigator Jon Wurster to do the job for him.

After the jump you can see the resulting video, where Wurster—whose contributions to The Best Show on WFMU are the stuff of legend in indie-rock and comedy circles alike—drags a film crew through blazing-hot Union Park. In the course of his tour he makes a stop at the Reader‘s tent, where he corners Mandi Hathcock from our advertising department and demands the retraction of a negative review he seems to think the Reader ran, making at least two major mistakes in the process: 1) the review in our guide to the festival is positive (Peter Margasak calls the band’s recent album, Majesty Shredding, “the spunkiest, most aggressive Superchunk record since the early 90s”), and 2) Jim DeRogatis doesn’t write for us. Adding insult to injury, Wurster completely fails to engage Margasak while the two are in line together at the Ice Cream Man truck backstage. (Also it looks like Wurster got one of those mini cartons of Ben & Jerry’s with the awkward plastic scooper, when everyone knows the Fudgy Brownie bars are where it’s at.)

The Reader demands that Wurster retract his request for a retraction and issue a public apology for the DeRogatis thing.