I swear, most of the world’s work gets done in autumn. Three local activities worthy of consideration:

(1)  The Chicago Architectural Club asks contenders for its 2007 Chicago Prize to answer the question, “How Does the Lakefront-Loving Chicagoan Cross the Road?”  All right, they didn’t put it that way.  They said,  “There have been major violations of our open lakefront — most notably the construction of an eight-lane highway known as Lake Shore Drive. As a result there are few points in which to safely cross Lake Shore Drive. The site of the 2007 Chicago Prize design competition remains one of the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in the center of the city.  This competition challenges entrants to design a connection from/between Buckingham Fountain and the Chicago lakefront by crossing Lake Shore Drive.” Rules and info at CAC’s website.

(2)  The Illinois Coalition for Political Reform finds that 77 people who gave more than $500 to a candidate for governor haven’t told their occupations or where they work, as required by Illinois law since 1998. (For the record, most are Topinka donors.) Says the ICPR, “Some individuals can be hard to find, even after they’ve given you a big check. They must be, or both campaigns would have filed amended D2s with the information.” Do you know these folks? Tell ICPR so that their campaign-finance database can be more complete than the state’s.

(3)  In These Times, a 30-year-old Chicago left-wing institution (now a monthly), recently emailed its online readers to remind them that it doesn’t take advertising and needs money. I don’t always agree with ITT, but they’re independent and they cover stuff the MSM won’t touch–and more intelligently than it would if it did. Typical is David Moberg’s report on UIC prof Walter Benn Michaels’s new book, The Trouble With Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality. Money quote: “The obligation of diversity is to be nice to each other, Michaels writes, but the obligation of equality is to give up some money. Given the choice, diversity has the advantage of appearing to be morally righteous while at the same time preserving economic self-interest.” Read the whole thing, or just throw money at ’em.