In terms of formulas for composing album cover art, combining a naked person and an occult-ish goat skull with an artsy, sorta-symmetrical setting and shooting it in black and white is pretty tough to beat. Local metallers Surachai’s To No Avail is hands down one of the best-looking albums to come out of Chicago this year, and with its two ten-minute-plus sides of noise-worshipping, electronics-heavy avant-black-metal it’s easily one of the most epically heavy albums as well.

To No Avail comes out on vinyl through Handshake Inc. in January, and I bet that cover will look extra nice blown up to 12×12. For the time being you can download it through Handshake Inc.’s Bandcamp page for whatever price you think is fair, or you can hit the jump to preview the album via the band’s SoundCloud page.