Light one. It cant hurt.
  • Light one. It can’t hurt.

The future could not look darker . . .

“An Obama second term means that the movement toward European-style social democracy continues, in part by legislation, in part by executive decree. The American experiment—the more individualistic, energetic, innovative, risk-taking model of democratic governance—continues to recede.” Charles Krauthammer

“The record shows Obama can be trusted to deliver more of the same ideological agenda that has kept too many people out of work and eroded the American dream.” Steve Huntley

“Obama’s fatal flaw is not just his policies (as bad as they are), but the fact that he isn’t and never was cut out to be president. He’s not up to it. He’s the kid who got thrown into the pool without knowing how to swim. He lacks the experience, composure and certain qualities of leadership required of a president.” —Dennis Byrne