Some predictable people provoke unexpected thoughts, and it’s not even the dog days yet:

  • The Ayn Rand Institute–which I’d always thought of as existing to provide rationalizations for right-wing assholes–does the opposite when confronted with President Bush’s veto of stem-cell funding: “The government should get out of the business of funding science. But so long as it is involved, it must scrupulously respect the separation of church and state. Its funding decisions must be made on rationally demonstrable, not faith-based grounds. Bush’s veto clearly violates this principle.”

  • And anti-corporate crusaders Russel Mokhiber and Robert Weissman take a week off from Boeing and Wal-Mart to whack liberal/left groups. They draw on a forthcoming book by Columbia University sociologist Dana Fisher, How the Outsourcing of Grassroots Campaigns Is Strangling Progressive Politics in America: “Fisher’s study finds that most of the national environmental, student, and progressive groups have shut down their internal grassroots operations and outsourced door-to-door fundraising to a handful of large national canvass operations. Fisher says these national canvassing operations are the point of entry for hundreds of young, idealistic and politically aware people. But instead of funneling these people into a lifetime of progressive politics, more often than not the national canvass operations, run as secretive corporate top-down bureaucracies, burn their idealism and spit them out onto the trash heap of politics.” Woops.


OK, maybe you could have predicted these in hindsight, but they woke me up.  (Any current or former canvassers out there who can tell more?)