Ribs n bibs is delicious
  • Marc Monaghan
  • The delicious Ribs ‘N’ Bibs, which may or may not contribute to the “blight” on 53rd Street.

In a recent and fucking dumb New York Times article about the University of Chicago’s $250 million program to add a hotel, movie theater, Chipotle, LA Fitness, Akira, and a Starbucks it already had, U. of C. executive vice president David Greene actually called that development “enlightened self-interest for us.” The area was referred to as “blighted” in the article, though it failed to mention that plenty of the so-called blight, like closing Barack Obama’s favorite restaurant, was thanks to the University itself. And if that once-thriving thoroughfare is blighted, what do you call Englewood?

Oh but don’t take my word for it:

At least Hyde Park is getting a Longman and a Yusho.