Sweet Cobra

Tonight local heavy-metal stalwarts Sweet Cobra celebrate the release of their new LP Earth at the Empty Bottle, and they’ve just released a fresh music video to go along with it. The clip for “Future Ghosts,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track, is a wild, mesmerizing trip that splices shots of the trio performing in giant paper masks together with drugged-out, face-melting animations. The nonstop fast-paced editing borders on stimulation overload, the furious, outrageous images flashing along with the song’s massive D-beat frenzy. “Future Ghosts” is a huge, killer track in its own right, but the whirlwind video makes its dizzying impact even stronger. Check it out below.

YouTube video

Sweet Cobra headline tonight; openers are heavy shoegaze act Cloakroom, instrumental prog-metal trio Electric Hawk, and Chris Hansen of Pinebender’s solo project Paletazo.