Chthonic front man Freddy Lim
  • Chthonic front man Freddy Lim

Not many people realize that Taiwan has a heavy metal scene, or that it has a professional baseball infrastructure. This makes a little sense when you consider that Wikipedia’s list of Taiwanese metal bands is only four items long, and that its “major” league, the Chinese Professional Baseball League, has only four teams in it.

One of those four teams is the Brother Elephants, who beyond having one of the most charming team names in sports history also have one of the most adorable logos. Recently, to open a new season, the Brother Elephants invited out one of the four Wikipedia-approved metal bands, Chthonic, to perform and to throw out the first pitch.

I’m not usually into Chthonic or the kind of overwrought, bombastic brand of death metal that they specialize in, but when I got a press release alerting me to the above fact I felt compelled to check it out. There’s video of them performing Queen’s “We Are the Champions” for the crowd, which is OK, I guess, if Chthonic’s your thing, but I much prefer the footage of the band in custom baseball jerseys and full stage makeup and/or weird bondage-esque masks with hilariously dangly tubes hanging off them, throwing out the first pitch together as a group. Never has pseudo-S&M, cenobite-inspired fashion looked quite so wholesome.

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