I’ve enthusiastically awaited two mixtapes that are finally out this week. Yesterday Save Money rapper Towkio dropped his debut .Wav Theory (I’ll have more on that for his release party at Metro next month), and tomorrow former footwork producer and bop progenitor DJ Nate will release IamLilFlexxii. Between those full-lengths I’m also carving out some time to take in more of Pleasure Palace, an EP that local duo BoneLang put out Monday.

Pleasure Palace opens with the gently rising-and-falling synths of “Sly Fox,” and BoneLang slowly incorporate bird whistles and muffled drum and bass loops. Rappers Samy.Language and Matt Bones trade off growls, deliver tense and fast lines, and sometimes come together for a sweet vocal harmony. Their flair for piecing together unusual sounds and shifting their flows with a natural precision reminds me of the great eccentric hip-hop I’ve long associated with California label Anticon.

Pleasure Palace is tightly executed, though it feels a tad short. It’s only got three songs, and these days plenty of acts are stretching the definition of “EP” by cramming more and more songs into one—just last week local avant-pop group Mint Club released Mint Condition Vol. 1, an EP with 25 songs. Whatever you want to call Pleasure Palace, it’s good enough to play on a loop and short enough to do so without eating up much of your time.

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