Barded Blackbird
  • Zach Piper
  • Barded Blackbird

As it was written, yesterday afternoon four amateur mixologists assembled at Sable to submit their bacon cocktails in the Reader’s Baconfest 2012 cocktail challenge. Mike Ryan, Stephen Cole, and myself had a fine time evaluating these, and with some small discussion declared a winner in a scotch-based tipple called the Barded Blackbird, by Zach Piper. As he explains on his delightful blog, he was going for a middle ground in terms of overall baconiness (which I certainly appreciated), and though he incorporated fat-washed Black Grouse scotch and a barspoon of bacon tincture the drink was significantly brightened by a homemade orange-blossom maple syrup and couple of herbal liqueurs. And for that he was awarded a pair of tickets to the fest and a Golden Rasher.

If you have a home sous vide machine you can make one too. Recipe after the jump.