If looks could kill, a few state legislators might be considered ex-state legislators, and the governor (yesterday’s last-minute twitch to action aside) might be considered an ex-Blagojevich.

Looked at from the other side, if looks could solve a public transit budget crisis, the CTA would be in for some smooth sailing.

That’s at least the opinion of one fan of CTA President Ron Huberman who prefers to be known as “Lovin You In Lakeview :).”

Yesterday, after Huberman announced that he was hoping to put off the CTA’s doomsday cuts after to a last-minute cash advance from the governor, Lovin You in Lakeview 🙂 put the following post on the Missed Connections page on the Chicago Craigslist site:

“I have no idea if you are gay or straight, married or single. That isnt the point. I just wanted to say that you are totally adorable and I enjoy seeing you on the news all the time lately. You looked hot in your red tie today on tv :)”

Missed connections” is the spot where people typically post messages to lost loves or instant attractions they passed by on the train, at the bar, or in the laundry room. The post to Huberman was followed by a note that read “I’m M & if this is AR than yes, things might have been …. Heaven…if you had only taken that “Leap of Faith”. But should have beens, could have beens and what might have beens are now like whispers in the nite…gone.”

The post before was addressed to “Marielle” and said simply, “If only..”

A spokeswoman with the CTA’s media relations department sounded weary and downbeat until I asked her if Mr. Huberman would like to reply to this in any way. She asked me to e-mail her a copy of the post. “I don’t know if we’ll have any response,” she said. “But I know we could all use a laugh here.”