Tomorrow at the lyrically named Freedom Museum, at the base of the Tribune Tower, the Sun-Times‘s Rick Telander and former US Attorney Anton Valukas will talk about the legal storm created by the Barry Bonds-busting book Game of Shadows.

(In short, the San Francisco Chronicle reporters who wrote it, Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada, were sentenced to 18 months in prison for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury about how they obtained Barry Bonds’s testimony to a grand jury. Journalists find this problematic, arguing that it was an overreach of the federal government–the reporters got more time than anyone yet sentenced so far in the BALCO investigation. Only the confession of the attorney responsible for the leak kept them out.)

Wednesday, April 4, 6 PM
McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum
445 N. Michigan
Non-members: $5
Museum members: free