I assume Dave Mies and Aaron Mullan are joking when they claim that they formed Tall Firs by teaching one another to play guitar over the phone back in 1990, and then waited 11 years to play their first gig. But the catatonic music on their recent Ecstatic Peace debut suggests that it might not be far from the truth. Mullan has spent years as a Sonic Youth soundman, which might explain why his narcotic singing sounds like a cross between Thurston Moore and the garden-snake moan of Jandek. Although drummer Ryan Sawyer taps out some funereal beats, the rag-tag guitar arpeggios are front and center, spinning and spinning without going anywhere. The group’s Web site calls their stuff “New York City underground electric folk.” I call it boring. The trio opens for Metric singer Emily Haines tomorrow night, January 12, at the Lakeshore.