I probably haven’t listened to anything on cassette since my formative years, which were deep in the 1980s—a glorious decade, mind you, in which sad new-wave boys wore makeup and cordless phones roamed free. And while I’ve noticed an increasing trend of bands releasing albums on the unlikely format of cassette tape, I’d rather not call the medium a “throwback,” or this movement a “resurgence,” because cassette tapes never truly went away . . . at least mine didn’t, judging by my massive cardboard box of tapes which holds such hits as the Pretty in Pink soundtrack and, ahem, George Michael’s Faith, which I will promptly listen to once I finish writing this. But anyway, with all kinds of bands dropping new releases on tape, a Carrie Bradshaw-esque voice-over in my head couldn’t help but wonder: Why, in this digital age and vinyl revival, would a band ever release an album on cassette?