• The scene of the accident
  • @jenspace/Instagram

There’s a ton of tech news right now: the Detroit Auto Show is taking place, and a new model of Infiniti promises a world without steering wheels; web magazine the Verge broke a story about how CBS is forcing CNET, which it owns, to discontinue the Hopper, a set-top box that lets you skip commercials; and Emanuel has just appointed a new tech council to increase minority participation in the industry. But it’s hard to write about any of those things when a Lincoln Town Car crashes into the Apple store in Lincoln Park!

The Apple store there is a giant horizontal rectangle, with glass walls on the shorter sides and titanium walls on the longer ones—it basically looks like a giant G-Force external hard drive—atop the Red Line stop at North and Clybourn. The driver, who’s 79 years old, crashed through on the North Avenue side, injuring one person. In a situation with consumer-theory theses to last a lifetime, many customers documented the crash with their iPhones.

For a gallery of Apple-store ruin porn, check out this slide show via Chicagoist.

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