Rick Telander has posted a “four-part” response to Jay Mariotti that he says will be his last word on his former Sun-Times colleague — Telander has a life to lead.

Here it is in toto:

One: If PeeWee Herman hates you, is that bad thing?
Two: Remember these names: Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass, Jack Kelley, Janet Cooke. Does anybody care about Mariotti’s fake date lines, stolen quotes, false scenes, etc.? Anybody?
Three: ask Rick Reilly what he thinks about this hair-dyed and eyebrow-plucked creature.
Four: Put this bitter old man in a room with the yapping fraud, close the door for five minutes, and bring a broom.

Love, Rick Telander

Telander put this up at biglead.com, a self-described “independent sports blog.” He was reacting to remarks from Mariotti posted on my blog that were dismissive of him. Mariotti, in turn, had been vexed by earlier comments made here and here by Telander. The roots of their mutual antipathy run long and deep.

Telander’s post has generated a lot of response at biglead.com, some of it attempting to unpack Telander’s meaning. It seems clear enough to me, especially if you know that “bitter old man” is what Mariotti called Telander in this space and that it was Mariotti who originally brought up Rick Reilly.