Well, closer than last year anyway. Tickets have now gone on sale for Terrastock 7, the latest installment of the annual psychedelic fest sponsored by the UK’s Ptolemaic Terrascope zine. This year the festival will be held June 19-22 at the Melwood Arts Center in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a good lineup–though many of the bands have played in Chicago relatively recently, it’s worth the trip to see ’em all in one place. Acid Mothers Temple & the Cosmic Inferno, the Bevis Frond, Damon & Naomi, Major Stars, Windy & Carl, MONO, Oneida, the amazing Pelt, and the return of Antietam will probably be highlights, but there’s not a bad act on the bill that I can see and we can wave our hometown flag for the Plastic Crimewave Sound.