Is fried chicken an authentic Thai delicacy? I’ve eaten at dozens of Thai joints in Chicago and never come across what I did recently at TAC Quick in Lakeview, a dish called kai tod. This unspeakably delicious concoction is essentially unbreaded chicken that is marinated and then fried until it is a deep, dark, almost toffee-colored brown. Moreover, it comes served with a savory dipping sauce that should be de rigeur at KFCs across the land. A quick Google search didn’t turn up an overabundance of hits for either “Thai fried chicken” or “kai tod,” so I’m still a bit in the dark. Is this something one would typically find in, say, Phuket? Or perhaps it’s so common in Thailand that restauranteurs in Chicago don’t feel the need to put it on the menu? Whatever the case, this is the best fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. Ever. Even better than Weaver D’s in my hometown and much, much better than the celebrated Lady & Sons of Food Network fame. Read Mike Sula’s review (linked above), then get over to 3930 N. Sheridan for a plateful. You won’t regret it.