Wired‘s Ryan Singel talked to Huffington Post co-founder Jonah Peretti, who called their decision to steal multiple concert previews a “mistaken editorial call” (you think?) and seems to think I’m an ingrate for being upset:

“You tease, you pull out a piece of it, and then you have a headline or link out,” Peretti said. “Generally publishers are psyched to have a link.”


As for disgruntled publishers, Peretti seems genuinely perplexed and says The Huffington Post links should be good for them — and suggests that upset editors get in touch and build relationships with Huffington Post editors.

[Despite the fact that Peretti took the time to do damage control with Wired, no one from the Huffington Post has yet responded to my request that they remove our content, a request I submitted yesterday.]

But clearly, it’s my fault. I’m sorry I got so disgruntled when they used our content without permission. In the future, I will trust Jonah Peretti to do with our content what he thinks is good for us.

I am psyched! Let’s build a relationship!

Update: Someone at HuffPo just called, which is to their credit. Unfortunately, after reading Peretti’s quotes, I’m seeing red right now and will have to wait awhile to talk to anyone.