In the past few years I somehow completely forgot about Bardo Pond, because today I saw a post about them on my favorite new garage/psych source, Raven Sings the Blues, and now I can’t remember the last time I listened to one of their albums. 

Bardo Pond’s version of “Lord of Light,” from a series of excellent-looking Hawkwind tribute singles on Trensmat, is reminding me just how damn good they are. Seeing them destroy the crap out of a hundred or so eardrums at Ottobar a bunch of years ago is still one of the pinnacles of my live-music-watching career. And Bardo Pond covering Hawkwind is basically the reason God invented bongs.

I recommend that if you do make your way over to Raven Sings the Blues you also download Mudhoney’s surprisingly fitting contribution to the Hawkwind series. Then dig back a little bit in its recently archived posts, where you can find the wild outsider blues of Raven (I just ordered the reissue from Insound) and a ripper from a recent HoZac single by Bay Area garage-pop weirdo Nobunny.