I know it’s tradition for New Year’s Eve shows to cost an arm and a leg, but isn’t it kind of a baffler that on the same day Spoon play a show for $21.50 at the Riveria, tickets for their NYE show at the Metro go on sale for more than three times as much? Why so expensive? Is the reunited Led Zep the opener? Is new bassist/one-time emo heartthrob/former Get Up Kid Robbie Pope giving private lap dances to every member of the audience? I’m still not sure that would justify a $54.50 increase in door price.
For those of you making minimum wage, $76 is practically two days of your take-home pay. Or to put it in better perspective, today my cat Wyatt got all his shots and had his anal glands expressed for a mere $75. Maybe you should just pick up a ticket for Friday and go pretend it’s NYE—you know, just bring some party favors and get barf-wasted.
UPDATE: Sorry, looks like the Riviera show is sold out