Obviously one of the hot topics this week has been why Blago would go on a TV tour during his own impeachment trial. Wielding Occam’s Razor, I think Steve Rhodes has a very good point: “his PR gambit is paying off in the arena of public opinion because he’s found a cohort stupider than state legislators: the national media.”

Is it paying off? Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo is a perceptive observer of politics, and Blago’s even got him saying, after GRod’s Maddow appearance, “exchanges like this do make me wonder…. [i]t’s not clear to me how strong a case they’ve got against this guy.” (For what it’s worth, I think Marshall should go back and read the criminal complaint, which is much more compelling than the tapes that were played yesterday.)

Blagojevich’s Big Media tour clearly isn’t going to help him with the Senate, and the odds that it’ll somehow help him with some hypothetical future jury–which could be a couple years from now in convening–seem nonexistent. In other words, it won’t keep him in the governor’s office, or out of jail.

But I’m not sure anything would. And I think he’s thinking that his best option is to shoot the moon. In other words, if his media tour gains him sympathy somewhere, and it might actually be working, then he might get… something. It’s not much to hang your hat on, but in his situation I’m not sure I’d have a better idea.