Remember the campaign launched early last week by Bottomless Pit baritone guitarist and Electrical Audio forum power user Tim Midgett to raise $230,000 to pay off Electrical’s mortgage? The one I just wrote a column about?

According to a message Midgett posted to the EA boards this morning, it’s off. “This was not a prank, exactly,” Midgett writes. “I will cop to it being ‘prankish.’ And I won’t say it didn’t have layers to it. Different things interested me about it. But if you took it at face value, then you got it right.”

Not exactly the clearest explanation, but Midgett promises more info and I’ll be following up on it.

In the meantime, Midgett suggests, anyone still feeling philanthropic should contribute to this Kickstarter campaign to help Joan of Arc to record with Albini. Sixty bucks seems like a decent deal for an autographed double LP of Cap’n Jazz’s Analphabetapolothology.