You’re no rock n’ roll fun
like a party that’s over
before it’s begun

Jim DeRogatis takes a swipe at solipsism, self-indulgence, and navel-gazing, inspired by… wait for it… Jack Kerouac! Naturally, it’s all the Internet’s fault.

Reading those words, I can’t help wondering what Kerouac would have thought of this new age of boundless self-promotion and banal solipsism, as typified by the endless proliferation of Tweets, Facebook updates, and blog posts that pretty much say absolutely nothing beyond “Hey, look at me!”

It’s a leading question, but he’d probably think the same thing I think when I read Kerouac—like “that time I spent reading Dharma Bums is time I’ll never get back” or “the only thing more insufferable than someone telling you about a dream they had is someone telling you about a bender.” YMMV; if we’re cherry-picking midcentury American writers, I’d be more interested in what William Gaddis thought. (Meanwhile, someone at @WBEZ is busy Twittering DeRo’s content, which is so beneath him; the business of actually getting people to read published content being for the little people.)