Artist Stefan Glerum has created a series of beautiful and surreal drawings called “Crate Digging, Don’t Do It!” that depicts the many hazards of record obsession. Several of them depict things that actually influenced my decision to cut back on my own crate digging. Let’s just say that “Imaginary Records Will Haunt Your Sleep” sounds a little familiar, and the image in “You Won’t Make Friends” gave me some crazy flashbacks to the old Dusty Groove basement sales, which tended to inspire furious competition among record geeks and always seemed a hair’s breadth away from descending into a scene reminiscent of the beginning of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The only big one I can think of that he missed is “You Will Spend Years Searching for a Record and as Soon as You Find It Someone Will Post It on BitTorrent.”

(via Metafilter)