Detail from 117 Homes for Sale, Chicagoland 1999, a digital C-print by Chicago artist Jason Salavon. It’s “the result of mean averaging a specific number of realtor photos of single-family homes for sale.” Salavon has other prints that were made by applying the process to other metro areas, including NYC, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Miami. I think I can see regional details emerge, but maybe it’s just a real-estate Rorschach test. Geeks will enjoy Salavon’s notes on how he did this.

The same technique works eerily in his 100 Special Moments series and gives an impressionistic, abstract feel to porn. (NSFW? An aesthetic and philosophical question in this case.) Stat geeks will enjoy his Studies for American Varietal, an installation piece for the U.S. Census Bureau derived from state and county information, 1790-2000.