When it comes to beer there’s rare and then there’s really, really rare. There’s plenty of stuff out there that’s not widely available but definitely obtainable for anyone who’s making an effort. Then there are the beers like Westvleteren XII, brewed in Belgium by Trappist monks, which has been sold legally only once in the U.S. Or Dark Lord, which you have to wait in line for hours to buy—and you can only do that once a year, and only if you’ve been lucky enough to get a ticket that allows you the privilege. Or Goose Island’s Bourbon County Rare, which was released only once, in 2010, and sold out pretty much immediately. And I’m not sure how rare Sam Adams Utopias is, but it does retail for around $200 a bottle (and boasts an alcohol content of 29 percent, which made it the strongest beer in the world when it was first released in 2002—though it’s since lost that title).

I was impressed the first time I stopped in to the Beer Temple that they had a bottle of Dark Lord open for sampling. At the grand opening tomorrow, there will be three—vintages from 2010 to 2012—available to taste (but not to buy), as well as all the other beers mentioned above and quite a few others. Several breweries, mostly local, will also be on hand pouring their beers. And owner Chris Quinn says he’ll have some rare bottles for sale, though he hasn’t specified which ones. Below, a full list of the beers for tasting and breweries that’ll be in attendance.