This week we are proud to present our latest exhaustive—Reader staffers might say “exhausting”—Best of Chicago issue. On the B Side we’ve got all the music and nightlife stuff that we and our readers consider the best in town, ranging from the Best Photo Booth to Make Out In to the Best Band That Sounds Like the Robot Squid From the Matrix Movies. Dig through and you’ll probably learn a lot about the city that you didn’t know before, like where you can order a beer from a guy who’s been tending bar since 1946.

Accompanying all of this Best of Chicago stuff is a power-pop-heavy Gossip Wolf, a guide to this weekend’s Green Music Fest, and a bunch of live-music recommendations on the Soundboard, including Japandroids, Dope Body, Chandeliers, Death to All, and more. (Oh, and if you’re not feeling the Soundboard’s recommendations for shows tomorrow night, might I suggest seeing Leaf Bird, Heavy Times, My Dad, and Bone & Bell at Reversible Eye Gallery?)