• Best food truck ever

In our annual Best of Chicago issue, we not only offer our pithy observations of the obscure and the underground—we also look to you, our readers, to define the best . . . everything. Over 100,000 opinions were voiced. Your responses captured the pulse of the city.

And then there were the outliers.

As we tallied the votes, we delighted in those of you who pushed the boundaries of the ballot and offered responses that, intentionally or not, toyed with the concept of a Best of Chicago poll. Some of you were brutally honest (Best 4 AM Bar: I don’t remember), while others were just brutally literal (Best Alternative to the Lakefront Path: Boat).

Others showed real wisdom. Ever wondered how to truly spruce up your apartment for cheap? At least one of you is already in the know: the alley behind apartments on the first of the month. Can’t argue with that. What about Best Apartment Finder? My flashlight when the lights are broken. (Clearly.)

There were some classic mix-ups, too.