Barbara Stanwyck (left) in All I Desire

  • Barbara Stanwyck (left) in All I Desire

Last night nearly 150 people came out to the Patio Theater to see Douglas Sirk’s All I Desire—an impressive figure considering the screening had been booked at the Portage until two days before. As you may have read, building owner Eddie Carranza shuttered the historic movie palace late Friday night, announcing that it would be closed for the foreseeable future. Almost immediately the Patio offered to host the Northwest Chicago Film Society‘s revival of Desire, and the Music Box offered to host the group’s presentation of Portrait of Jason on Wednesday. These displays of support, along with last night’s strong attendance, confirm that repertory cinema is alive and well in Chicago. That several hundred people were at the Music Box on Saturday night to see the Harold Lloyd comedy Safety Last (which the theater presented vaudeville style, with live music and comedy acts before the film) is another reassuring sign.