Delicious canned tomatoes

I’m not much for recipes—or at least not for actually following them. While I’m always excited to come across a new one, I’m also usually convinced that a few variations will improve whatever I’m making. I am, however, a sucker for the “best ______ ever” articles that crop up approximately every two days. I should know better, but it gets me every time.

How can you not want to make the “most talked-about buttery tomato pasta recipe ever,” especially when the eminently reputable Francis Lam has recommended it? He’s got a list of credentials a mile long. When he says the recipe is “one of my favorite things on earth to make, because it never fails to blow minds,” it sounds pretty convincing to me. He goes on: “It’s a sauce that some people describe as being ‘sweet and summery,’ and others ‘velvety and lush,’ and the reason you can have such opposing descriptions is because the flavors are so beautifully balanced.”