“If you can’t kick a man when he’s down, when can you kick him?”, K Watch jefe and fellow Sox fan Steve Bogira joked a few weeks ago when I expressed my ambivalence about adding to the pileup on Adam Dunn. The lumbering slugger is fast becoming a local legend: his $14 million bat cleaves air as relentlessly as Paul Bunyon’s ax cleaved wood.

There have been a couple of bright spots. In the Sox’ 6-4 victory over the Tigers on Friday, June 3, Dunn got his first hit against a lefty in 42 tries when Detroit pitcher Andrew Oliver was slow to cover first base. “He should ask for the ball,” the cruel Bogira said by phone.

Dunn homered and scored two runs in the Sox’ 9-4 win over the A’s on Thursday, June 9, after being benched for two days.