Kanye West’s sixth album, Yeezus, leaked on Friday, and plenty of rap fans, pop critics, and Twitter users have had something to say about it almost immediately. Reader music critics Miles Raymer and Leor Galil recently hopped on Gchat to discuss their reactions to the record, the reactions to the reactions, and what they hope comes next.

Leor Galil: So it’s been a few days since Yeezus leaked—what did you think of it during your first listen?‬

Miles Raymer: ‪Initially I was all shock and awe. There’s nothing that sounds even sort of like it in hip-hop, or in pop music in general, right now. It felt like I was somehow hearing a record from five years into the future.‬

LG: Same here—I was pretty floored when I first heard it. The intro to “On Sight” still throws me off and I’ve listened to it more than half a dozen times at this point. How have your opinions developed beyond that initial reaction throughout the weekend?‬

MR: Yeah, at this point I’m not even sure how many times I’ve listened through it, but it’s definitely a bunch. I think it takes a few spins to be able to listen past all of its noise and aggression to hear how deeply emotional the record is. Obviously there’s a lot of anger and outrage throughout it, but there are also these really heartbreakingly gorgeous unguarded moments. I spent a long train ride yesterday with “Hold My Liquor” on repeat and I had a couple of moments during Keef‘s second chorus where the epic Daft Punk guitar solo comes in where I just about lost it.‬