Update: I’m an idiot: tapes and transcripts here. Senate was supposed to reconvene at 2:45 but they seem to be taking their time (they’re back).

Johnny Johnston: Harness-racing businessman, owns Balmoral Park and Maywood Park. Blago is alleged to have solicited campaign donations from Johnston in exchange for directing casino revenue to racing. Here’s an explanation, more at the S-T.

Rob Blagojevich: Brother, chief fundraiser, allegedly a liason between Johnston Monk and the gov. See Nov. 13 here. Also known as Fundraiser A, has ties to… wait for it… Betty Loren Maltese!: “For more than two years, Maltese’ bulging campaign fund had invested millions of dollars through a company headquartered in Tampa, Florida, the firm Invest Financial Corporation. Its CEO at the time was Robert Blagojevich, the governor’s older brother.” And, as the ABC7 report points out, they have a mutual friend in the late [dunno where that came from] legendary Fast Eddie Vrdolyak

Lon Monk: Former chief of staff, law-school roomie, former sports agent (which might explain Blago’s sports-agent metaphors). Archpundit has discussion of his ties to Roland Burris.  

Rich Miller makes a fun Monk catch from the Daily Herald: “The $100 million contract to oversee the state’s much-touted program providing poor seniors with prescription drugs went to Pacificare, where Nancy Monk works as a vice president. She’s the sister of Lon Monk, the governor’s longtime friend and chief of staff at the time the deal was announced last fall.”

In October 2006, the Sun-Times caught Monk playing middleman with Blago on a Rezko wishlist: “Of the 19 people named on the document, obtained exclusively by the Chicago Sun-Times, 10 wound up being appointed by the governor to a state board or commission — or got a spouse named. Others wound up with contracts underwritten by taxpayers, or their children got state jobs amid a Blagojevich hiring freeze.”