• Key to a False Door

This year’s Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, an open-air art gallery of sorts that takes over the stretch of Milwaukee Avenue from Kedzie to Kimball Avenues, has an awesome live-music lineup, and one of the highlights is Sunday night’s South Stage headliner, the Blind Shake. The Minneapolis-based trio, whose latest LP, Key to a False Door, came out on John Dwyer‘s Castle Face Records at the end of last year, play some of the best “garage rock” I’ve ever heard or seen. Sounding almost like a brain-fried and amped-up version of Devo, the songs on Key to a False Door walk the line between robotic and explosive, inhuman and full-on psychotic breakdown. Jumpy, loud, simple, and mean, the band is also a treat to see live—with their tracksuits and shaved heads, the three members look like menacing clones, which adds to the high-octane sci-fi vibe of the music.

The band take the stage on Sun 6/29 at 8:30 PM. The really exciting thing about their stop in Chicago is the word on the street about a secret afterparty in a Logan Square basement later that night. The Blind Shake will be playing alongside locals Running and Oozing Wound, as well as Detroit’s Tyvek. Info for that might be kind of difficult to come by, but if you look hard enough, you’ll figure it out.

You can listen to Key to a False Door in its entirety below.