• Pod. I like it.

The “classic” Breeders lineup—the one that recorded Last Splash 20 years ago and performed it in its entirety at Pitchfork over the summer—is back in town this Saturday, and they’re playing Last Splash again. While Last Splash is without a doubt an excellent record, what’s even more exciting about this tour is that the Dayton band will also be performing their debut, Pod, a record that’s a far cry from the Breeders that most casual listeners know. While Last Splash leans more on quirky pop and alt-rock, Pod has more in common with the early work of front woman Kim Deal’s other band at the time, the Pixies (you may have heard of them). It’s creepy, eerie, and haunting, kept alive by Steve Albini’s massive antiproduction. Kurt Cobain said that Pod was one of the biggest influences on Nirvana’s sound, and it shows in their abstract poppiness and huge dynamic shifts. While Pitchfork’s Last Splash set was excellent, the two highlights for me were the songs they played that aren’t on the record, a cover of Guided by Voices’ “Shocker in Gloomtown,” and “Oh” off of Pod. The lineup that made Last Splash—the lineup on this tour—is slightly different from the one that made Pod, with Kim’s sister Kelley and onetime GBV drummer Jim Macpherson replacing Tanya Donelly on guitar and Slint drummer Britt Walford, but the rendition of “Oh” over the summer was so great, there’s no way this show won’t be good. This run is billed as the Last Splast 20th Anniversary Tour, but there’s no doubt Pod will be the hero of the night.