• Courtesy of Moniker Records
  • Ono

Back in January, local live sound engineer and Anatomy of Habit bassist Kenny Rasmussen hosted a free, all-ages, Saturday-afternoon punk show at Bridgeport’s Richard J. Daley Branch Chicago Public Library in an effort to take underground music out of bars and make it available to people who usually can’t make it out to late-night gigs. The show was a rousing success, packed with punk-rock dads and their little kids enjoying sets from Radar Eyes, Toupee, and Den. Next week, on Saturday, April 25, the library shows return, with noise-punk trio Running and art-rock legends Ono performing at the second edition.

The gig will shake down just like last time: bands start at 2 PM, so things can be wrapped up by the time the library closes, and free coffee and doughnuts will be available from Jackalope Coffee and Tea House. Never a group of people to sit in one place for too long, Ono has a few tricks up its sleeve, this time playing an entire set of country covers, including classics from George Jones, Loretta Lynn, and Thomas Wayne; these sure-to-be-bizarre reworkings will be played by a slightly augmented lineup that’s set to feature fiddle, steel guitar, and a “country choir.”