• Did your child get an A- on her spelling test? Of course that’s news.

What does Journatic have to offer the suburbs that they want and don’t have now?

On Thursday, CEO Brian Timpone sent me a pdf of the first TribLocal print product with Journatic’s stamp on it—the new TribLocal covering Homewood-Flossmoor. You can scroll through the paper minus the ads—which are too few to suit Timpone, though he’s hoping for a lot more down the road.

“If you have seen Triblocal before,” he wrote, “you’ll note the differences in this edition—they are stark. More community news, exclusively hyperlocal (vs. subregional), more public records, etc. The design is different as well.”

Then he called and elaborated. “It’s more templated—more predictable, more programmed,” he said. “There are more stories, and they’re all exclusively local versus subregional. The old TribLocals shared content. The Tribune‘s not doing that any more. Everything in there is about Homewood or Flossmoor. At least that’s the intention.”