Last time it was Fast Company naming us a fast city or whatnot; now we’re America’s best city for design according to Business Week, although some things threw up red flags:

“After whittling the list to the 10 cities with the highest rankings, pollster Zogby International conducted interviews with adult residents of those cities, asking them to describe the quality of life and the creative atmosphere of their environment. Then, adhering to a perhaps less than entirely scientific methodology, the cities were ranked.”

I don’t know much about Zogby’s non-political work, but its political polls are generally considered somewhere between the Drudge Report and UFO sightings in terms of reliability. As Nate Silver puts it: “I’m convinced that Zogby or ARG could survey all 325 million American citizens and still manage to fuck things up somehow.

“Although the Big Apple outperformed the Windy City on several criteria (including its number of Community and Housing Awards—received for design excellence in residence building and community planning—and its overall collection of 17 AIA awards for innovative architecture), Peter Schubert, RMJM Hillier design director, says Chicago’s position as a bright-green city tipped the scales. “The green aspects of a city—its sustainability, environment-friendly initiatives—were the most important features of design we considered,” he says.”

If you read through the article, it’s clear that our A for effort was weighted very highly. Which is fine, but just take it with a grain of salt.