• Paul John Higgins
  • The many incarnations of Rahm, as imagined by the Button Man of Bridgeport, aka Mr. X.

If you view life in Chicago as a struggle between the peasants and their king, then it’s been a rough summer for the peasants—to say the least.

Let’s see: potholes, crime, school cuts, tax hikes (with more to come after next year’s election) . . .

That’s why I’m happy to report that the Button Man of Bridgeport is up to his old king-bashing tricks.

That would be the anonymous Mr. X, who periodically sends me a package of his latest creations.

Somehow he figured out that I was, oh, sort of critical of the mayor. Wonder where he got that idea?

The Button Man’s last batch featured such classics as Mayor Rahm dressed as Al Capone, captioned: “Chi-town hustler.”

In this current bunch, he expands his repertoire from buttons to refrigerator magnets. Apparently, just like Michael Jordan, the Button Man’s always improving his game.

He’s got Mayor Rahm as a roman emperor with a caption that reads: “Rahmulus Bogus: Non Compos Mentis.”

According to my sources in the Latin-speaking community, the title is a reference to Romulus Augustus and the phrase means “not of sound mind.”

Which, now that I think about it, could refer either to the mayor or the voters who elected him.

There’s also a button with the mayor looking like a goofy vampire, captioned: “I noticed that you’re gangster . . . I’m pretty gangster myself.”

That would make a good slogan for your upcoming reelection campaign, Mr. Mayor.

In addition, there are buttons depicting the mayor as Napoleon, the Joker, and a character from Mars Attackshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMdC45S79uQ.

Good thing the Button Man remains anonymous, because the king won’t be happy.

The Button Man also sent me a T-shirt that depicts the mayor as the Joker with a camera lens coming out of his right eye and a sign in the back that says “Speed Limit C—Your speed faster than light.”

I’m not sure what it means, but I think it would make a lovely prize at our next First Tuesday show at the Hideout.

I found this packet of buttons waiting for me at the Reader‘s lovely downtown offices—just across the Chicago River from the upscale office building that the mayor’s subsidizing with 29.5 million of your property tax dollars.

Something all you peasant parents might want to remember as you pay more fees to help your dead-broke schools buy basic supplies.

As I always do when I receive a fresh batch from the Button Man, I ran to see our art and design mavens Paul John Higgins and Jennifer McLaughlin, who were once again kind enough to explain the complicated jokes that I didn’t quite understand.

Speaking of which . . .

This happens to be Jen’s last week at the Reader as she moves on to bigger and better things.

I know I speak for Reader writers everywhere when I say, to quote the great Mr. Wonder: “Please don’t go, no, no, no—if you should go, I’ll be sad and blue, so I say no, no, no, don’t go away . . .”

Best of luck, Jen. And thank you, mysterious Button Man!