Chicago’s second annual Food Film Festival took place this weekend, featuring four events with a total of more than 20 films, plus food. Normally I’d avoid writing about something like this after the fact (who wants to hear what they just missed?) but in this case, the two Chicago premieres of short films about local subjects are online, so you can watch them from the comfort of your own office chair. (Besides, I did put the festival in last week’s Agenda.)

The only part of the fest I was able to attend was Saturday’s “Edible Adventure #004” at Intelligentsia Roasting Works, with screenings of films about a New York artist who paints kitchenware, a food hypnotist, Intelligentsia Coffee, the Doughnut Vault, and the New York-based Danny Macaroons (which were also served, and were amazing). There was lots of other food, too, including savory pie from Pleasant House Bakery and doughnuts from the Doughnut Vault (buttermilk ones in plain, pineapple, and Dreamsicle flavors), plus juice, sparkling wine, beer, and Intelligentsia coffee. After the jump, the two local videos: one by Michael Gebert on Pleasant House Bakery, the other by Mode Project on the Doughnut Vault.