On December 23, Chicago hip-hop veteran Angela Zone, aka Ang13, was robbed—she says the thieves got away with a lot of stuff, including her car, purse, phone, and even her shoes. Zone detailed the incident in a GoFundMe campaign she set up the day after Christmas to help cover the cost of a down payment for a replacement car. More than 100 people pitched in, raising the $3,000 Zone asked for in just ten days, and the local hip-hop scene is doing its part to help out with a couple benefit shows this weekend. 

The “They Stole Ang13’s Car for Christmas Fundraiser” makes two stops: first Jerry’s in Wicker Park on Friday night, then at Subterranean‘s downstairs lounge on Saturday. Friday’s show includes Fatal Flows, D2G, Skbrok, CoJack, Keenan Coke, and Cody DeCamry, with Chris Ill spinning and Waffle Gang leader Awdazcate serving as master of ceremonies; the show kicks off at 9 PM and costs $5. Among the acts performing at Saturday’s fund-raiser at Subterranean are freestyle phenom MC Juice, grinding veteran Longshot, and the rapper of the hour, Ang13; that also starts at 9 PM and costs $10.

Both shows include “special guests,” and given Zone’s long history in the scene, it’s anybody’s guess who could pop up. Below you can listen to a white-label cut Ang13 recorded with the Twilite Tone called “The Super Ones,” which Molemen member DJ PNS uploaded to YouTube nearly five years ago.

YouTube video

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