• Chongqing, China

The magazine Foreign Policy has just released its 2010 “Global Cities Index,” a ranking of 65 world cities based on “how much sway a city has over what happens beyond its own borders—its influence on and integration with global markets, culture, and innovation.” Chicago’s number six on the list.

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Chicago-based global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney took part in compiling the rankings, which might have helped us out a bit. According to Foreign Policy, the rankings are based on “definitive sources” such as “business activity” (cupcake trucks, tamale guys), “human capital and information exchange” (your guess is as good as mine), and “cultural experience and political engagement” (music festivals, the Blago trial). Also, things like embassies and museums counted.

At number 65 is Chongqing, China, which is the subject of an article accompanying the list. The author, Christina Larson, calls Chongqing the “Chicago on the Yangtze.” I’ve read the article and can’t find the connection. Can you?