The AV-aerie is back on the hot seat. Just under a year ago the city shut them down for not having a Public Place of Amusement license. After they reopened, they were careful to consistently refer to the money collected for admission and drinks as “donations,” in hopes that this might prevent another bust. 

But Friday night Tim Kinsella’s performance at a benefit for the Dill Pickle Food Co-op was cut short by the arrival of a dozen uninvited officials.

So far I haven’t managed to reach AV-aerie executive director Marshall Preheim, but rumor has it the place was shut down this time because it’s too close to the adult vocational school across the street.

The bust seems to have gone down pretty quietly. “Everyone was well behaved,” says someone who was there but prefers not to be named. “Tim’s set was cut a little short and the promoter of the event made the announcement that they were being shut down. Cops took pics of the beer tub, kitchen, fridge, poked around every corner of the building, and hung around for a while.”

Sunday’s DRMWPN show was moved to the Hideout, and Saturday’s Empty Bottle-produced show with Lydia and Black Gold was moved to the Bottle. As of this writing the Empty Bottle’s Web site still lists some upcoming events at the AV-aerie, but it seems likely that some–especially this Friday’s Factum/Daily Void show–will be relocated.

Empty Bottle talent buyer Pete Toalson gave me this statement: “We’re saddened by the recent action against the AV-aerie, for sure. But we’ll remain optimistic and supportive in the interim, and will wait to see what transpires at their coming court date next week.”