I was in the shittiest mood all day, and then I got the new Xasthur record, so now I’m in the shittiest mood, but with an appropriate soundtrack. The press release for Defective Epitaph says that the album is “steeped in contempt and white-hot hate”, which I’d call a pretty accurate reflection of my current emotional state. Nothing says “I’m having a bad day” like inchoate shrieking and cheaply-recorded black metal sludge. Malefic—the creep behind Xasthur—refuses to deliver either the turbo-shred virtuosity of more palatable black metal or the spooky soundscaping of atmospheric acts like Spektr. Defective Epitaph is fuguelike ugliness, devoid of anything resembling pop conventions. Half the guitar lines aren’t even in tune. It is brutal and fuck-nasty and, in its own way, absolutely perfect. I’m considering spending the rest of my day getting drunk enough to get the title of one of Defective Epitaph‘s tracks tattooed on my neck—maybe “Funerals Drenched in Apathy” or “The Only Blood That Pours Is Yours”. 

Thank you, Malefic. Your music makes me think that you are made primarily of hate and evil, and you’re kind of my hero right now.